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Autovala para Gedit

${PROGRAM_PICTURE_ALT} Versión actual: 0.99.47

Este es un plugin para Gedit que permite programar de manera sencilla con Autovala. Con él se tiene fácil acceso a todos los ficheros que forman un proyecto de Vala, y simplifica mucho trabajar con ambos.

Zona de descargas

Repositorio GIT

Paquete para Debian sid 64bit (11 Kbytes)

Paquete para Debian sid 32bit (12 Kbytes)

Paquete para Ubuntu xenial 64bit (11 Kbytes)

Paquete para Ubuntu xenial 32bit (12 Kbytes)

Paquete para fedora24 64bit (20 Kbytes)

Paquete para fedora24 32bit (20 Kbytes)

Paquete para Arch Linux 64bit (14 Kbytes)

Paquete para Arch Linux 32bit (13 Kbytes)

Historia de versiones

  • version 0.99.47 (2016/10/23)
  • Updated the plugin to last version
  • version 0.99.36 (2015/12/02)
  • Now the Gedit plugin can be installed in the right folders both locally and globally
  • version 0.99.25 (2015/05/10)
  • Added packaging files for the Gedit-Plugin
  • version 0.98.0 (2014/05/26)
  • Added support for GEdit 3.12 and later in the plugin
  • Allows to create new projects from the plugins
  • version 0.97.0 (2014/05/12)
  • Added support for the new GEdit plugin for Autovala
  • Added two GTK3 widgets to allow to easily create plugins for text editors
  • Now the GLOBALS object has the vapiList as an static member, allowing to read it once. This speeds up the gedit plugin
  • version 0.27.0 (2013/12/01)
  • Removed the Gedit plugin (until having spare time to fix it)
  • version 0.22.0 (2013/10/14)
  • Autovala and gedit plugin are now different projects, allowing to compile only the former
  • version 0.19.0 (2013/04/30)
  • Now the plugin deletes the content of the *install* folder, but not the folder itself
  • version 0.18.0 (2013/04/30)
  • Allows to delete the INSTALL folder from Gedit
  • Allows to delete the INSTALL folder, update the .avprj file, run cmake and launch make in a single step from Gedit
  • version 0.17.0 (2013/04/28)
  • Fixed bug in plugin when updating the whole project
  • version 0.16.0 (2013/04/28)
  • Added plugin for Gedit