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Autovala para Gedit

${PROGRAM_PICTURE_ALT} Versión actual: 0.99.48

Este es un plugin para Gedit que permite programar de manera sencilla con Autovala. Con él se tiene fácil acceso a todos los ficheros que forman un proyecto de Vala, y simplifica mucho trabajar con ambos.

Zona de descargas

Repositorio GIT

Historia de versiones

  • version 0.99.48 (2019/02/03)
  • Updated to the last version
  • version 0.99.47 (2016/10/23)
  • Updated the plugin to last version
  • version 0.99.36 (2015/12/02)
  • Now the Gedit plugin can be installed in the right folders both locally and globally
  • version 0.99.25 (2015/05/10)
  • Added packaging files for the Gedit-Plugin
  • version 0.98.0 (2014/05/26)
  • Added support for GEdit 3.12 and later in the plugin
  • Allows to create new projects from the plugins
  • version 0.97.0 (2014/05/12)
  • Added support for the new GEdit plugin for Autovala
  • Added two GTK3 widgets to allow to easily create plugins for text editors
  • Now the GLOBALS object has the vapiList as an static member, allowing to read it once. This speeds up the gedit plugin
  • version 0.27.0 (2013/12/01)
  • Removed the Gedit plugin (until having spare time to fix it)
  • version 0.22.0 (2013/10/14)
  • Autovala and gedit plugin are now different projects, allowing to compile only the former
  • version 0.19.0 (2013/04/30)
  • Now the plugin deletes the content of the *install* folder, but not the folder itself
  • version 0.18.0 (2013/04/30)
  • Allows to delete the INSTALL folder from Gedit
  • Allows to delete the INSTALL folder, update the .avprj file, run cmake and launch make in a single step from Gedit
  • version 0.17.0 (2013/04/28)
  • Fixed bug in plugin when updating the whole project
  • version 0.16.0 (2013/04/28)
  • Added plugin for Gedit