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Current version: 1.3

BarePlayer is a simple-to-use music player for Android. It allows to play all your music randomly, or grouped in albumes.

An album is made of all the music files that are in the same folder. Thus you can put each album in a separate folder and play the music in them in order, but each album be choosen randomly. Files in a subfolder are considered in a different album than in the parent folder.

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Package for Android (2 Mbytes)

History of versions

  • version 1.3 (2017/05/09)
  • When there is no music files in the folder, now it shows the right path
  • Pressing the "previous song" button after the first 5 seconds just rewind the current song
  • Shows better texts when choosing the music folder
  • Little fixes in the layout
  • version 1.2 (2017/05/09)
  • Allows to change the music folder
  • Allows to set in landscape or portrait mode
  • version 1.1 (2017/05/07)
  • Now detects when there are no music files and shows an error message
  • version 1.0 (2017/05/06)
  • First public version