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${PROGRAM_PICTURE_ALT} Versión actual: 4.14.0

DevedeNG es un programa que permite crear video DVDs y CDs, aptos para un reproductor doméstico, a partir de casi cualquier conjunto de archivos de vídeo, en cualquier formato reproducible por Mplayer. La gran ventaja sobre otras utilidades es que sólo depende de Mplayer, Mencoder, FFMpeg, DVDAuthor, VCDImager y MKisofs (bueno, y de Python3, PyGTK y PyGlade), por lo que sus dependencias son relativamente pequeñas.

La coletilla NG es porque se trata de una reescritura del Devede original para que funcione con Python3 y Gtk3, y con una nueva arquitectura interna que permite expandirlo y añadir nuevas características de manera sencilla.

Para preguntas, sugerencias y más, puedes escribir al autor o visitar el DeVeDe Forum

Recordad también que no doy soporte a windows. Si estás utilizando Devede sobre windows, envía tus dudas a la persona que lo portó.

Zona de descargas

Repositorio GIT

Paquete para Debian sid 32/64bit (2 Mbytes)

Paquete para Debian stretch 32/64bit (2 Mbytes)

Paquete para Ubuntu bionic 32/64bit (2 Mbytes)

Paquete para Ubuntu cosmic 32/64bit (2 Mbytes)

Paquete para fedora28 32/64bit (2 Mbytes)

Paquete para Arch Linux 32/64bit (2 Mbytes)

Historia de versiones

  • version 4.14.0 (2019/02/04)
  • Moved the configuration file inside XDG_CONFIG_HOME
  • version 4.13.0 (2019/01/27)
  • Allows to add separators in the menu, to group videos in pages
  • version 4.12.0 (2018/06/28)
  • Now ensures that the audio bitrate is always a legal value
  • version 4.11.0 (2018/05/01)
  • Added support for XFBurn
  • Added experimental support for 16:9 menues
  • version 4.10.0 (2018/04/29)
  • Now, when using a custom audio in the menu, it will last the whole audio duration, not 30 seconds
  • version 4.9.0 (2018/04/08)
  • Fixed a division by 0 when it is not possible to get the original aspect ratio
  • Added extra check for MSGFMT binary, needed to install Devede
  • version 4.8.12 (2018/01/21)
  • Fixed the icons in the main window
  • version 4.8.11 (2017/12/03)
  • Now shows the icon in wayland
  • Now sets transient for settings window
  • version 4.8.10 (2017/11/26)
  • Removed minrate during second pass when using two-pass encoding because it fails with ffmpeg
  • version 4.8.9 (2017/07/10)
  • Fixed bug when there are no CD burner installed
  • version 4.8.8 (2017/02/07)
  • Fixed genisoimage bug with some locales
  • version 4.8.7 (2017/01/29)
  • Allows to translate the "Play all" text in the DVD menu
  • Fixed mkisofs bug with some locales
  • version 4.8.6 (2016/12/14)
  • Now ensures that the average bitrate is never smaller than the minimum bitrate
  • Now the matroska and divx files have the right extension
  • version 4.8.5 (2016/11/24)
  • Fixed a bug when loading a project file (thanks to RecursiveProgrammer)
  • Updated the german translation
  • version 4.8.4 (2016/11/03)
  • Allows to set if a movie is shown or not in the DVD menu from the main window
  • version 4.8.3 (2016/10/16)
  • Fixed the problem fixed bitrate problem with FFMpeg and AVConv (thanks to Juniorsnet)
  • version 4.8.2 (2016/09/24)
  • Fixed a problem when adding several subtitles to the same movie (thanks to Rocco Barisci)
  • version 4.8.1 (2016/09/05)
  • Fixed a float value used for volume where it expected an integer
  • version 4.8.0 (2016/08/12)
  • Fixed a division by zero when a clip has a duration of less than one second
  • version 4.7.1 (2016/07/17)
  • Updated translations
  • version 4.7.0 (2016/04/24)
  • Fixed a bug when creating the subtitles'XML: now ensures that an integer value is passed
  • version 4.6.1 (2016/03/14)
  • Fixed translations
  • version 4.6.0 (2016/03/13)
  • Fixed a bug when using the Play all option on menus with several pages
  • Updated italian translation
  • version 4.5.0 (2016/01/02)
  • Reduced the height of the MENU window
  • Now the menu works fine when enabling the "Play all" option
  • version 4.4.0 (2015/11/07)
  • Removed MPlayer as an option for getting movie information
  • version 4.3.2 (2015/11/07)
  • Added extra debug info in the log
  • version 4.3.1 (2015/11/07)
  • Added manpage (thanks to Alession Treglia)
  • version 4.3 (2015/10/26)
  • Now doesn't fail when creating a DVD without menu
  • Added help in html format
  • version 4.2 (2015/09/08)
  • Now can work with old and new versions of AVConv
  • Added extra debug code to be able to track problems with MKV files
  • version 4.1 (2015/06/30)
  • Fixed dependencies in package
  • Trying to fix a bug with MKV files (incorrect stream assign)
  • version 4.0 (2015/04/26)
  • First stable version of DevedeNG
  • version 0.1.0 beta 12 (2015/02/01)
  • Now uses the version number available in the CONFIGURATION_DATA file for the setup process
  • Fixed the icon name in the .desktop file
  • version 0.1 beta 11 (2015/01/29)
  • Now allows to automatically generate a debian package
  • Renamed the module from 'devede' to 'devedeng'
  • Renamed some files to avoid clashing with the 'classic devede' debian package.
  • version 0.1 beta 10 (2015/01/22)
  • Now jumps to the desired next video when the current movie ends and the creator set it to jump to another menu entry
  • version 0.1 beta 9 (2015/01/16)
  • Now doesn't fail with AVPROBE or FFPROBE if a file doesn't have streams
  • version 0.1 beta 8 (2014/12/28)
  • Added an extra fix for AVPROBE and FFPROBE, using the human readable strings to get the duration
  • Cleaner code for AVPROBE and FFPROBE
  • Removed devedesans.ttf file
  • Updated the file
  • version 0.1 beta 7 (2014/12/28)
  • Moved the priority of MPLAYER over AVPROBE and FFPROBE until I discover what is happening with some data fields
  • version 0.1 beta 6 (2014/12/27)
  • Fixed AVPROBE and FFPROBE command line
  • version 0.1 beta 5 (2014/12/27)
  • Added support for MPV as movie player
  • Added support for ffprobe and avprobe as movie info detector
  • version 0.1 beta 4 (2014/12/25)
  • Now ensures that the maximum bitrate is honored
  • Added the maximum bitrates for each available format
  • version 0.1 beta 3 (2014/12/21)
  • Fixed the subtitle colors
  • Now puts the video and audio streams in the right order
  • version 0.1 beta 2 (2014/12/07)
  • Fixed a bug when jumping to a video not visible in the main menu
  • Fixed a bug when the main menu has two or more pages
  • Default size for main window bigger
  • Allows to change the title by double-clicking on it
  • Shows the duration of each title
  • version 0.1 beta 1 (2014/09/22)
  • Fixed several strings in the menu
  • Fixed the bug that prevented to choose the final folder
  • Removed single quotes that triggered an exception when creating a DVD without menu
  • version 0.1 alpha 2 (2014/08/13)
  • Updated spanish translation and added file
  • Allows to choose between MP2 and AC3 audio for menus
  • Now only deletes the bare minimum files and folders to be able to create a disk in the specified final folder
  • Better message text to specify which folder will be deleted when the final folder already exists
  • It failed when the selected backend was not installed in the system. Fixed.
  • Now shows a default value for preview duration
  • Fixed progress bar for subtitle creation
  • Allows to choose the subtitle colors
  • Allows to set properties for several files in one step
  • Fixed bug when setting PAL or NTSC toggle in file properties
  • Added two-pass conversion
  • Now detects separately MKISOFS and GENISOIMAGE, allowing to have only one of them installed in the system
  • Now checks that the number of files is smaller than the limit for DVD projects
  • Now uses GLib for DBus instead of python-dbus
  • Fixed the DESKTOP file to ensure that an icon is shown in the applications menu
  • version 0.1 alpha 1 (2014/08/06)
  • First public version