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Current version: 3.4

GtkPSproc is a front-end for the PSUTILS. PSUTILS is a set of little programs that allows to manage in a lot of ways your PostScript files.

GtpPSproc is designed to work from all programs that uses CUPS (which are nearly the 100% of the GNU/Linux programs), by emulating a printer (virtual printer), but it can work alone too.

GtkPSproc allows to adjust all the programs to your printer type (for example, sending always the pages in reverse order), to group two or more pages in a sigle sheet, to print booklets, to easily print in double-side fashion and to preview the work before sending it to the printer.

Maybe you can ask why use GtkPSproc instead of GtkPrint interface, having in mind that the later has nearly the same capacities than the former. The answers are:

  • GtkPrint doesn't allow to print in bookled format.
  • GtkPrint doesn't emulate doble-side printing in single-side printers.
  • GtkPrint doesn't remember if it has to invert the page order for each configured printer.
  • There are still a lot of programs not ported to GtkPrint, but all programs can work with GtkPSproc.

Download zone

Package in .tar.bz2 format (245 Kbytes)

History of versions

  • version 3.4 ()
  • Fixed the URI format to ensure that it works with new CUPS versions, and the restarting of the CUPS daemon (thanks to Rick Richardson).
  • version 3.3b ()
  • Due to a mistake in the packaging proccess, the applet in version 3.3 still was using FAM. Fixed.
  • version 3.3 ()
  • Fixed a bug in the creating of the virtual printer.
  • Now the applet uses GAMIN instead of FAM, which fixes a problem with Python 2.5.
  • version 3.2 ()
  • Fixed a bug with configuration window.
  • Now works with python 2.5 too.
  • License changed to GPLv3.
  • version 3.1 ()
  • Uses GtkPrint to send the jobs to the printers, allowing the user to adjust the printer parameters, like paper feeder, print quality...
  • version 3.0 ()
  • Can be integrated into CUPS, so you don't need to configure each program to use GtkPSproc any more; just choose the virtual printer and print
  • Support for multiple printers, each one with its own options
  • When printing as a book, it rotates 180 degrees the even pages to make it compatible with double-side capable printers
  • Uses Evince as the default preview program
  • Full compatible with double-side capable printers
  • Allows to choose the output printer more easy
  • Now prints in book-format fine with non-A4 paper sizes
  • Now it uses libglade
  • version 2.3 ()
  • Fixed a little bug when not GV nor GGV are installed
  • version 2.2a ()
  • Added translations to spanish and galego
  • version 2.2 ()
  • Allows to preview the document before sending it to the printer
  • Uses the registry library Elektra to store the configuration
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • version 2.1 ()
  • Optimized code to speedup the operations
  • Added a progress dialog
  • Fixed some minor bugs and cleaned code
  • version 2.0: ()
  • Change to GTK2
  • Fixed a bug in the creation of booklets
  • Now works with all versions of PSUTILS
  • Recognices all the params accepted by LPR
  • version 1.0 ()
  • First public version