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BitTorrent for LX Media

Current version: 8.1

Ftp_bt4lxmedia is a package with a port of the well-known Transmission BitTorrent client and the BFTPd ftp daemon, for the MemUp LX Media player. It contains a script to allow to format the main partition in EXT3 format, offering a slightly improvement in performance. Due to historical reasons, it contains the ctorrent BitTorrent client and its Yodctcs web interface too, but they are unsuported since the author seems to not update them anymore.

Includes CTransmission, a little program that controls Transmission BitTorrent, allowing to limit the number of simultaneous downloads.

Important: when using BitTorrent in this device, I recommend to limit the download rate to about 400KB/sec, because higher speeds whould saturate the device and the uploads, or even hang the operating system.


Package in .tar.bz2 format (2 Mbytes)

History of versions