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Here are all the programs that I developed. Click on each to go to it's own page.

Active programs

Activity App Launcher (Gnome Shell)

A Gnome Shell extension that integrates an applications menu in the Activities page.

Autovala (Linux/Vala)

An utility that automatically generates the CMake files for projects written in Vala.

BarePlayer (Android)

A simple-to-use music player for Android.

Create Launcher (Linux)

A simple .desktop launcher editor.

Cronopete (Linux)

An Apple's Time Machine clon for Linux.

Crust (Linux)

A C static analyzer that allows to have the memory ownership model from RUST in C language.

Desktop Icons NG (Gnome Shell)

A fork of Desktop Icons, which give icons in the desktop for Gnome Shell, but with support for Drag'n'Drop and more.

DevedeNG (Linux)

DevedeNG allows to author video DVDs, suitables for domestic players.

Escape from M.O.N.J.A.S. (ZX Spectrum)

An adventure game for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

FBZX (Linux)

FBZX is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator.

Multipackager (Linux)

Simplifies the creation of Linux packages for multiple architectures and distributions.

OpenDoƱita (Linux/Raspberry Pi)

A server for vacuum cleaner robots Conga 1490 from Cecotec.

Terminus (Linux)

An X terminal, mixing the capabilities of Terminator and Guake.

ZXSpriter (Linux/Windows/Mac)

An editor to create sprites for the ZX Spectrum

Deprecated/not updated programs

Autovala Gedit (Linux/Vala)

A Gedit plugin for Autovala.

Avoid Overview (Gnome Shell)

Avoids Gnome Shell jump to the Overview mode when the last window in a virtual desktop is closed.

BitTorrent for LX Media (Multimedia hard disks)

A port of the BitTorrent client Transmission for LX Media multimedia hard disks from MemUp.

BitTorrent for WebTV (Multimedia Set-Top-Box)

A port of the BitTorrent client Transmission for WebTV devices from BluSens.

Create system (Linux)

Simplifies the creation of chroot environments. Designed originally for the WebTV device from Blu:sens.

EasyWall (Linux)

EasyWall is an easy-to-use firewall for Linux.

GAG (Generic)

GAG is a graphical boot manager, with several advanced features.

GAMEd (Linux)

A daemon that sets maximum priority to X server and window manager, to allow to play to OpenGL games with composite WM.

Gedit Closebutton (Linux)

Adds the close button to the Gedit window when it is configured to be shown to the left.

Gedit Smarthome (Linux)

Enables the Smarthome option in Gedit.

GSL1680 (Linux)

A driver for GSL1680 chips, capacitive tactile screen controllers.

GtkPSproc (Linux)

GtkPSproc is a frontend for PSUTILS, which allows to print double-side, group several pages in one, and print in booklet format, from all Linux programs.

HTMLProc (Linux)

HTMLProc is a HTML preprocessor which simplifies the creation of static web pages with menues.

Panther Launcher (Linux)

A fork of Slingshot (from Elementary OS) modified to be abel to work in all distros, and all desktops.

PTK4L (Linux)

PTK4L (PIC ToolKit for Linux) is a suite for PICs, with assembler, dissasembler and programmer, which allows to develop for these microcontrollers under Linux.

Slingshot App Launcher (Gnome Shell)

A clone for Gnome Shell of Slingshot, the application launcher from Elementary OS.

Slingshot Gnome (Gnome Shell)

Allows to use Slingshot Launcher, the application launcher from Elementary OS, with Gnome Shell.

SuperShow (Linux)

SuperShow allows to create slideshows from a PDF, synchronized with some audio.

SiS6326FB (Linux)

SiS6326FB is a FrameBuffer driver for Linux designed for graphic cards based in the SiS 6326 chip.

SuperVESAfb (Linux)

SuperVESAfb is a FrameBufer driver for Linux which supports VESA 2.0 compliant graphic cards. The main advantage is that it allows to change the resolution and color depth 'on-the-fly'.

RemoteH (Linux/Windows/MacOS)

A fork of Gitso with several advantages.

TabletLauncher (Linux)

An application launcher, oriented to TabletPC devices.

TabletPlayer (Linux)

A media player, oriented to TabletPC devices and based on MPlayer.

TabletWM (Linux)

A lightweight window manager for XWindows, oriented to TabletPC devices.

TTOS (Linux/TomTom)

A lightweight compositing window manager for TomTom devices.


WarpGLOBE is an OS/2 program which shows an earth globe and paint the cities where are other OS/2 users.

Z88transfer (Linux/Windows)

Z88transfer allows to transfer files between Linux/Windows and the old Cambridge computers Z88 systems.