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Current version: 2.3b

Imagine this scenario: you do a conference, with a set of slides created with Impress, PowerPoint or other tool. Someone (maybe you) recorded it as only audio, to make it available in the net. Unfortunately it lacks the slides, so people who download the audio will have to get them separately and try to imagine when to change to the next picture.

With a video recording there's the problem that, usually, the slides are quite unreadable, unless high bitrates are used and the camera set near the screen.

Here is where SuperShow comes. With it you can take your slides (exported to PDF) and your audio/video recording, and mix them in a single, small size, Adobe Flash file, which can be played from the net or downloaded to be seen locally. SuperShow allows you to easily sincronize the audio and the slide transitions and insulates you from the complexity of creating Flash files from Linux with SWFtools (ok, it's not so complex, but requires you to use the keyboard :) .


Package in .tar.bz2 format (388 Kbytes)

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