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Current version: 2.3.1


Terminus is a terminal program for XWindows. Its main advantage is that it combines in a single program the hability to split a terminal window in several tiled terminals (like the well-known Terminator), and also offer a terminal in a drop-down window just by pressing a key (like the famous Guake). It is also written in Vala and uses Gtk3, which allows to take advantage of the new systems, but using less resources.


GIT Repository

Package for Debian sid 64bit (83 Kbytes)

Package for Debian sid 32bit (88 Kbytes)

Package for Debian bullseye 64bit (84 Kbytes)

Package for Debian bullseye 32bit (89 Kbytes)

Package for Ubuntu kinetic 64bit (90 Kbytes)

Package for Ubuntu jammy 64bit (94 Kbytes)

Package for fedora37 64bit (97 Kbytes)

Package for Arch Linux 64bit (99 Kbytes)

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